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“They are the symbol of understated elegance. When I can’t be barefoot, I’m wearing Belgian Shoes.”
President of Manolo Blahnik, USA, George Malkemus, who buys six pairs of Mr Casual at once.

Belgian Shoes Addict- Mark D.Sikes

What better way to kick start our new blog, then by interviewing fellow designer, blogger and Belgian Shoe addict Mark D. Sikes?

American designer and blogger Mark D. Sikes

The likelihood is that you already know and love the work of talented, designer Mark D. Sikes. Whether you subscribe to his lifestyle blog or are one of the 37.8k Instagram followers; his work, design musings are an inspirational must see.

He describes these creative outlets as a 'daily record' of what inspires him “chic people, glamorous places and stylish things", so it is no surprise that Belgian Shoes appear frequently throughout both!

Here we ask him why he is ADDICTED to Belgian Shoes..............

How pairs of Belgian Shoes do you have?

M.D.S: Too many to count!

Mark D. Sikes and his Belgians at work

Who introduced you to the iconic shoes and when did you get your first pair?

M.D.S: I have a dear friend named Stephen Brady, I remember seeing him wearing Belgian’s first… I thought they were so chic and elegant…I was intrigued with the bow…and when I tried on my first pair is was all about the comfort…I got my first pair probably 15 years ago.

Mark and his Belgians on Instagram

What is it that makes them so special?

M.D.S: For one, They are beyond comfortable, I love the styles with contrast piping and of course the bow, but I also think they are sexy, I like how you can see a lot of top of your foot, they are really great with a tan.

Mark in his Dark Brown Calf Belgian Shoes

Have you ever had a bespoke pair made out of material of your of your own choice?

M.D.S: No, but sign me up, I’ve dreamed of chocolate brown crocodile ones….

What is your favourite style and colourway?

M.D.S: Mr. Casual, in brown calf, I have three pairs….

Mr Casual Medium Brown Calf with Black Trim

You wear a pair of Belgian Shoes in the campaign for your beautiful MDS Stripes collection. What was it that made you select those shoes for the shoot?

M.D.S: They have been come somewhat of a signature….I also like the contrast of an elegant Belgian slipper with the casual nature of striped tee or with a pair of chinos or jeans.

Mark wearing his Belgians in the MDS Stripes campaign

Tell us about fellow Belgian Shoes addicts that inspires you?

M.D.S: My partner, Michael griffin, he has more pairs than I do.... not sure how that’s possible, but it’s true!

Michael's collection of Belgian Shoes!

Now that is quite the collection! Maybe we should interview Michael next?

Join us next time for another insight into the world of a fellow Belgian Shoes addict...... if you feel that your love for the shoes deserves some attention, please get in touch.

We would like to thank Mark for taking the time out of his extremely busy schedule to answer our questions and help us in the launch of our new Belgian Shoes Blog.

Please note all images are from Mark's beautiful and addictive Instagram feed- take a look......


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